You’re Already Fired

You’re Already Fired

November 9, 2016

When I woke up this morning the toilet water was still swirling in the bowl in the same direction that it was swirling the last time I flushed it; my fan was still blowing out the front and sucking from the back; magnets still stuck to metal; gravity still worked when I dropped my cup of coffee in shock as CNN announced that Donald Trump had been elected the 45th president of the United States of America.

Did I misunderstand Mr. Trump when he said that he wanted to pull out of NATO and abandon an agreement that allows actual U.N. eyeballs in Iran to monitor its nuclear program? Did I misunderstand him when he said that he didn’t care if North Korea got nuclear weapons, and that Russian president Vladimir Putin was a better leader than our current American president? Or how about when he said that women should be punished for having an abortion? Or that an American-born judge couldn’t be trusted to apply facts to law because his parents were immigrants? Did I misunderstand him when I heard him, with my own ears, say that he could get away with sexually assaulting women because he was famous? Or when I heard him, with my own hears, say that he did not respect women? How about when I heard him, with my own ears, say that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose a single vote? Or that he was going to ignore the lessons of the Berlin Wall, and the words of Emma Lazarus at the base of the Statue of Liberty, and build his own wall on our souther border? Did nobody else hear him say those things?!

Did I misunderstand him, or did I colossally misjudge the intelligence and moral bearings of the American voter?

I know I’m not alone in feeling physically ill this morning; at last count there were nearly 60 million voters who had rejected Trump’s overt racism, bigotry, sexism, provable lies and/or denial of empirical facts, and megalomaniac fantasies on the world stage. It is entirely possible that he will be elected with a lesser popular vote total than Hillary Clinton. But enough of facts, the results of this election make it clear that facts and history simply don’t matter anymore. 

So again, did Imisunderstand Mr. Trump, or did Imisjudge the intelligence and moral bearings of the American voter? Was this a wave of mass ignorance by low or no information votors, or was this cult of personality on par with Chairman Mao, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Koresh – or please forgive me – Adolph Hitler? I mean, in Hitler’s prophetic rant Mein Kampf, he infamously proclaimed that people will sooner fall victim to the big lie than they will to the small one. So, is there actually an alternative universe of facts and history that runs counter to the old adage that when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time, you have defined insanity? Is the American voter insane?

Didn’t we try “Trickle-down economics” under Reagan and then W. Bush? As history has clearly shown, it enriched the rich even more and shrunk the middle-class even further. Why would Americans think it would work a third time around? Didn’t the absence of universal health care drive the poor and uninsured to the emergency rooms, compunding health care costs for everyone?What would have happened if Repulicans would have fully implented Obamacare as it was designed, instead of deploying the self-fulfilling prophesy tactic that it “won’t work”, while sumultaneously making sure it didn’t work It worked for the Governor Willard “Mitt” Romney in Massachusetts, didn’t it? (The factually correct answer is yes, it’s still working.) And didn’t raw Texas machismo, combined with awesome military might and a stunning disregard of centuries’ old religous ferver, eventually kill and maim millions, and create a whack-a-mole scenario of militant jihadist crazies in the Middle East? On what scale do lessons learned have to be repeated before our politicians will finally yield to history before exceeding the clearly posted speed limit of political expedience?

After I dozed off in the early morning hours after Donald Trump claimed the Oval Office, I had a strange yet revealing dream I was in front of my TV watching a movie best classified as historical fiction. It was called “Donald Gump”, and it’s setting was a golden tower in midtown Manhatten that was surrounded by deep moats filled with hundred dollar bills. Hoards of lawyers with sharp teeth swam aggressively in the sea of cash. It was truly terrifying. Moments before I woke up sweaty and out of breath, I had been trapped in a familiar scene where Donald Gump was standing before his mother’s deathbed. In the bed was the boviously ailing Statue of Liberty. Leaving the room was a banker with a suitcase that had hundred dollar bills hanging out the sides. The banker slaps Donald Gump on the back and says: “Your daddy sure did fix you up when he gave you that fourteen million dollars, didn’t he boy?” Donald Gump merely grunts and stares fixedly on the ding Statue of Liberty in his mother’s deathbed. “Momma, what’s my destiny?” Donald Gump asks the withering symbol. “Well Donald, you’re just gonna have to figure that out for yourself?” Donald Gump, with his trademarked deadpan expression says: “Okay, I’ve heard enough. You’re fired!”

Steven R. Schoff Jr.

State of Shock

Bitter Street

Irony, USA 8675309

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