Excerpt from Clouds Over Christopher “Squeek”

Clouds Over Christopher: This book is intended to provoke thought about the impending extinction of mankind: but more importantly, it is a love story.

Chapter 50

“Blaine Blaine Blaine, continental liar from the State of Maine, he..”

“Chrissy, what’re you singing?..sounds stupid to me.”

“A song Alex used to sing all the time. It’s nothing, it’s just stuck in my head…hey, you never answered me when I asked you where you wanted to live?”

“Where do you want to live?”

“Wherever you want to live.”

“That’s not fair Chrissy, I haven’t been anywhere to know.”

“Well I haven’t been anywhere either Mal, just all over Maine, and to Boston, and now to the 35th floor of the Plaza. Kennebunk is the place my heart used to call home…but I’ve been gone so long it has gotten to calling you home.”


“Tell me about Kennebunk, please Chrissy?”

“Come down here, I have to touch you and smell you in order to tell you.”

Mallory joined Christopher on the floor in his soft world made of cushions, blankets, and throw pillows. She made a home on her back with her head in his lap, gazing up at him.

“A big brick building Mal, it’s called Kesslen Shoe, right where the Cat-Mousam river goes under Main Street. There’s a big sign on that building. I can see it no matter where I’m at. It says: ‘Welcome to Kennebunk, the only village in the world so named’…whew! eeenuff ta make me cry, MmmmHmmm…you just know it when you’re there Mal, least ways I do. Things there taste better; look better, even smell better…I don’t know how you’ll fit in there, for me that is, cuz that’ll be eeenuff ta ‘splode me like a volcano!…whew! eeenuff ta make me bawl a spring-time brook right out of my eyeballs. It’s a good place Mal, and that’s where I’m from, but it don’t have to be where I’m going. I can love some other place like that, but only if you’re there with me.”


“Where Chrissy?”

“I only know of one other place in the whole fat world with that kind of potential…there’s only one other magical place like Kennebunk in this universe, maybe even more magical?”

“Really, how come?”

“Because nobody has ever lived there before. It’s brand new. No houses, no paved roads, no electrical lines clogging up the skyline. No children have grown up there yet, and no people have grown old there, yet. It’s still brand new Mal.”

“Where Chrissy?!..It sounds perfect for us!”

“Ken-yooo keep a secret?’


“Is that a yes?”

“Yes yes yes! Stop teasing! You make me almost pee myself.”

“Mal, just pinch it, hee hee hee.”

“Stop teasing, please tell me Chrissy.”

“Okay, close up your eyes. Close um tight. No peeking. You closed up dark?”


“Missez Mallory Kunkelburger, this-is-your-future-life…in the Maine wilderness. Now breathe in deep, through your nose…now let it out. Okay, do it again…the pungent sap of white pine sticks onto the hairs in your nose…the fragrance of blue spruce calls to you…blueberry blossoms, rain soaked lichens and mosses.”

“I can smell it Chrissy.”

“Pinch your nose and swallow…did your ears adjust?”


“The echoing garble, the forlorn tears of a lonely loon?…a hollow, far off tat-tat-tat of a crested woodpecker?”


“The breeze, stirring the touching trees…flapping pieces of brittle bark-skin on the swaying silver birches, tatters of nature’s speckled paper dancing in the drafts that might well free them…can you hear it Mallory?”

“I can hear it Chrissy.”

“LOOK MAL!! A grey squirrel!”


“A whole pond, the size of Macy’s…it’s surface a mirror…it has cotton ball clouds in it, identical to the ones over it…black birds and white birds, and black and white birds streaking in it, identical to the ones streaking over it…a Mayfly doing gymnastics in it…WHOA MAL!! Did’jah see that trout jump?!”


“Chrissy, you made me pee a squirt.”

“I know, hee hee hee, ken you see the water Mal?, the cotton ball clouds?”


“The streaking birds? The trout jumping to eat the Mayfly?”

“I see it all Chrissy.”

“Wanna go there Mal?”


“A long, twisty, bumpy dirty road. We’re driving on it…golden gravel…a golden road. Thee Golden Road Mallory. It weaves left, it swings right, again and again, back and forth…dusty and bumpy. Mal, look over there: a beaver pond teeming with native brook trout…they’ve got pink bellies…a stream goes under the road right up here.”

“I’m there Chrissy.”

“Just a little further Mal…just up here, on the left. MAL LOOK!! A MOOSE!!”

[Squeek eeek eeek]

“Chrissy stop, I gotta pee.”

“Nope, you’ve guttah hold it…just a little further. Turn left here, right here…Nobody’s been down here in a diamond’s age. The driveway is grown over with grass and daisies…hemlock branches, maple branches over top of you in an arbor that shades the sun out…we’re going under it Mal…keep going, keep going. Okay, we’re there Mallory, you can open your eyes.”

“Chrissy where is it?! What’s the name?!”

“A paper company named it Hurricane Pond, but we can call it home, if you want?”

[Squeek Squeek Squeek Squeek]

When he talks about his dreams for our future I feel like Mallory with her head on Chris’ lap listening to him talk about Hurricane Pond. -Squeek (Mrs. Schoff) 

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