I often feel plagued by remembering stuff; stuff that I probably shouldn’t remember. Stuff that, in the first place, appears completely random, quirky, obscure, worthless and/or inconsequential. My pockmarked cerebral landscape however, reliably fills in these potholes and paves them over each metaphorical Spring with realization, understanding and clarity. I won’t venture so far as to call it a metaphysical phenomena that my sanity suffers (or benefits?) – I am after all a product of Massabesic High – but when a curious and emotionally polluted mind is isolated in a quiet concrete box for two decades and left to privately ponder uninterrupted thoughts all the way through to a myriad of possible outcomes, a melted modicum of benevolence starts to drip from the tap. And so, I drip… -Steven R. Schoff Jr. 

Thanks for visiting! I’m Misty D. Schoff, I made this page to give an audience to my husband’s voice. In 2014 I found a simple, humbly written, ad on writeaprisoner.com that I could not get out of my head. I wasn’t looking to fall in love, but hundreds of letters later and his ring is on my finger.
I fell in love with his words, not just the love letters, but the novels and short stories, the silly jokes, and the incredibly insightful bits of wisdom that only come from living the life he’s lived. I’ve been his audience this whole time, but he has so much to say the rest of the world should hear it.

Some of it is silly, very little of it is about prison, but most of it is affected by it. I really hope the world sees what I see.

Lots of love,

Squeek (Mrs. Schoff)